Clifford Chance has today launched the first part of the “MiFID Survival Guide”

15 Aug 2006

Clifford Chance, the international law firm appointed to assist MiFID Connect, has today launched the first part of the “MiFID Survival Guide”, which is designed to help firms come into compliance with the new requirements. Subscribers to the Guide will also receive monthly updates on changes relevant to the implementation of MiFID and, several months before the implementation date, a comprehensive, colour coded checklist to enable firms’ Compliance Departments toensure that their firms have introduced all the required changes.

Anthony Belchambers, Chairman of MiFID Connect, said: “This is a very positive initiative by Clifford Chance and should be of real practical assistance to firms in implementing the major changes to their internal structures, customer relations, order handling procedures and documentation which are necessary to implement MiFID" Dermot Turing, partner at Clifford Chance, commented: "Regulated firms - both large and small - have been facing a huge challenge with MiFID. In putting together the Survival Guide we have tried to help firms meet this challenge. Firms which are already a step ahead with their MiFID implementation will find it a useful benchmark to be sure they have not left anything important off their to-do list. Firms which are starting their implementation projects will be able to use the Survival Guide as a template."

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